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Our company "Aragana" from Bar, was founded on 12.04.1990., and has been working successfully for over 16 years.

Nowdays, our enerprise is far famous for it`s unique program and quality of products.

We produce: artistic wrought iron, wrought gates, raillings, wrought furniture and wrought gallantry, as well as rolo dors, blind dors and awnings.

Офис компании Aragana

In our workshops we are forging iron in a traditional way, or as our designer would say: "we give life to iron!"
At this place you can find a few replicas of great masters, famous and respected, of wrought iron furniture, that our blacksmiths are highly specialized in, from various periods of wrought iron art, from Roman period to Art Noveau.

All the wishes of our customers, our designer crew carefully plans and makes into a project which is latter used for handcraft. Often we are presenting our work at fairs, in the country as well as abroad, and are also the winners of numerous prizes for quality and design of our products.

So far we have exported our products to: Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France, Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Croatia, USA.

We think tahat the future of our company lies in export, so we have founded a firm on Florida named ARAGANA ARTISTIC DESIGN GROUP inc., and have opened a SHOW ROOM with our products at the address: 333 NE 33 RD STREET FORT LAUDER DALE, FLORIDA 33308.

For further informations about our products and our company, please visit our web site:
www.araganaline.com or www.aragana-art.com

We are ashured that our efforts will give results, and that we shall laeve a trace in a very rich history of blacksmith trade.
Considering that we have convinced ourselfes of the quality of your object, we are free to offer large range of products, listed above, so we could contribute to the beauty of the one as well as the objects to come. The top quality and design of our product is best seen at the number of successfully realized projects, of which we are listing just a part:

- Castle of king Nikola-Bar...

недвижимость фото     Investments into the real estate

     Some interesting investment projects, In following directions:
     1) Investments into the ground
     2) Investments into construction
     3) Investments into the real estate

  Лого Aragana smAragana Artistic Design Group, INC

 Tomba BB, 85354 Satri Bar, Bar, Montenegro, Europa

  Tel.:  + 381 85 340 055  
  Tel.:  + 381 85 340 056   
  Tel.:  + 382 69 328 100  (Mobil.) 
  Tel.:  + 382 69 322 955  (Mobil.)

  e-mail:   aragana@cg.yu     info@villasinmontenegro.ru

  web-site: http://aragana-art.com/ (Art kovka)

  web-site: http://araganaline.com/ (Art kovka)

  web-site: http://villasinmontenegro.ru/ (Investments into the real estate)

 Arrangement of office "Aragana":

 Adress:  Tomba BB, 85354 Satri Bar,  Bar, Montenegro, Europa

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