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Rent of a luxury country house in Montenegro


Rent of a luxury country house in Montenegro


Rent of country houses and apartments in Montenegro (the Season of 2014)

We offer in rent magnificent country houses, apartments and apartments in Montenegro.

All objects are located near the sea near apartments or country houses there are sand or pebble beaches, in some apartments there is a pool. Objects are located in neposredsvenny proximity from shops, cafe and restaurants.

All objects with furniture according to high standards and with the conditioner for comfortable accommodation and rest.



For rent of this country house send us the demand. We will provide you the price for rent and booking conditions


Answers to questions: How to rent the apartment in Montenegro?

1) Order of booking of apartments and country houses in Montenegro:


After obtaining from you of the demand for apartment or country house booking we send your inquiry to the owner directly (it the Englishman lives more than 10 years in Montenegro, his all objects, we work with it more than 4 years and complaints from clients weren't).

The owner of objects of rent confirms booking, you do an advance payment into its account (the size of the sum of 200 euros depending on rent term), this sum is considered in the cost of all rent. You pay the remained sum to the owner already in Montenegro.

If the option which has pleasant to you is occupied, it selects for you similar option and sends you by e-mail for coordination.

Before arrival to Montenegro in 2-3 days, you confirm by e-mail to the owner that you go. When you will arrive to Montenegro in аэтопорт Tivat (if the transfer isn't ordered in you) you tell to the taxi driver the address and it you is lucky in a country house or the apartment, there you are met by our expert, you are installed and you have a rest.

2) In addition, we will help to rent for you the car (from 30 euros a day) and as at desire we can organize for you the excursion program (makes a reservation on a place).

3) On our site the price for rent of apartments or country houses is the price of the owner, without price markups!

4) Or a country house the owner gives a discount for rent of apartments, the size of a discount depends on total period of rent.

5) What apartments you will advise for family rest with children to 5 years?

Look at very good apartments ideal for rest with children to 3-5 years.

 5.1 . ) One of apartments in this house near a beach see http://villasinmontenegro.ru/ref_1602_dobrota_kotor_villa

 5.2 . ) Or One of 3 CERTAIN apartments in this house http://villasinmontenegro.ru/ref_1604_arenda_doma_rafaelov


 Attention the PRICE FOR the APARTMENT from 500евро in a week.

 6) Whether there is in the apartment a detky bed?

Yes in our apartments there are cribs if in any apartment it isn't present, according to your desire we will put it.

7) What in the apartment household appliances? Whether there is in the apartment of the microwave oven an oven?

 Our apartments of the class "luxury" in them are available all for comfortable accommodation and rest:  there are spoons, pans, plates, cups, the washing machine, the microwave oven the furnace, a corkscrew for wine, a toaster, etc.

In apartments there is a satellite television with the Russian channels.

8) Where it is possible to prepare a shish kebab in the open air?

In country houses and apartments the separate zone of a barbecue, ддля shish kebab preparations is provided.


9) The Internet is necessary to me, you can provide it?

For those whom the Internet interests, we in addition can provide the modem for access to the Internet, cost depends on the volume of the downloaded traffic.


10)  Who lives on a country house?

Owners don't live in a country house, tourists live in the basic.

11) Whether it is possible to watch video of vicinities of apartments?

Watch video an apartments http://villasinmontenegro.ru/video_chernogoriya


Reserve our apartments and country houses in Montenegro

We will be glad to you to help!