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Investments into the real estate

Our company offers a wide choice of prestigious manors, country houses of a class lux and apartments in Montenegro, in areas GERTSEG-NOVI, КОТОR, TIVAT; BAR; BUDVA and others.  

 - Search and selection of variants for investments (the ground, hotels, etc.)

 - Investments into the real estate

 - Selection of object of the real estate is made according to requirements and wishes of the client.

 - Visiting of country houses, houses and the apartments corresponding your requirements.

 - The help in search and the organizations of the demand line of credit on purchase of the real estate.

 - Opening of bank accounts in Montenegro.

 - The administrative, legal and fiscal services, concerning your real estate in Montenegro.

 - Services of the translator (Russian, English, Serbian).

 - The organization of individual tourist rounds at will of the client.